Sale of Sheets.com Domain

Current price: $3.25 million

Current referral commission: $162,500   




We are auctioning Sheets.com using a reverse (Dutch) auction in which the current price is $3.25 million and will decline periodically until sold or we withdraw it from the auction.

Sheets.com is the natural domain for entry into the bedroom segment ($15 billion) of the $20 billion Home Textiles market. (read more)  The current price of $3.25 million was calculated at $217 per million dollars of sales, a 10% reduction to the access price paid by the buyer of Whisky.com in January 2014 for access to the $13.25 billion European market for Whiskey. 

We’re also offering a 5% referral commission to anyone who connects us to a buyer.  (read more)


Current research regarding changes to Google’s search algorithm indicates:

• Domains such as Sheets.com rank higher with fewer links and half as much content than branded sites. (read more)

• The availability of one-word domains is “nearly extinct at this point” so this is a rare opportunity to secure a premier name
at a time when everyone has recognized the Internet is a fundamental requirement. 



“If you don’t play online, you are making a pretty big mistake, because that is where the market is moving.”
Kevin Mansell, CEO, Kohl’s. (WSJ, Dec. 2, 2014)

“[The Internet] …will account for as much as a third of all retail sales by the end of the decade.”
Warren Shoulberg, Editorial Director (HFN, Dec. 2014)



Don’t miss this opportunity to command the premium site in the industry as more and more sales move to the Internet.
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